Service Menu Program

canstockphoto12718085Service Menu Program

Fully developed menus are available for an array of branded forklift trucks.  Menus also include universal repairs and accessory items that can be installed on any make or model of equipment.  


  • Two private labeled complete menus are included, one for larger capacity service vehicles (Sprinter/Promaster/NV/Transit) and one for standard capacity vehicles (E250 / Truck service body).
  • The standard menu lists 60 frequent repairs, the “Mini Menu” lists only 35.
  • One customized binder and digital file will be prepared for each road service technician (either menu)
  • Full training sessions will be held with all technicians to discuss menu usage and up-selling.
  • Menus will consist of  flat rate parts, and service pricing for individual repair tasks.
  • Menus are customized for technicians based on service population.
  • Flat rates include all parts, labor and sundry charges (while on site), based on dealership billing policies.
  • The program includes a full parts list for each van both for mini menus, and standard menus.
  • The program includes component codes, and work descriptions for entry into the existing business system.

Step One: The program begins with discovery consultation including service management and ownership in order to craft the menus in light of the current truck population.  Branch site visits, and interviews with branch managers and field techs are conducted.  Final decisions regarding which repairs will be offered, and which will be omitted are at the full discretion of the management team.  Repairs can be added as needed for regional, seasonal, or application based needs.

Step Two:  A draft of the desired menus are developed and approved, then an order for parts based on the agreed menu options and number of vans to equip is placed with the parts suppliers.  RDS will also provide input regarding  organization and storage of increased van inventory.

Step Three: Presentation, technician training, and implementation.  All road service technicians will be fully trained on using the menu and instructed on how to report menu sales.  Service clerical  personnel will be trained on using the component codes included with the program to streamline billing and administration processes.

The programs shown here are custom tailored to individual dealer organizations. Package pricing for consulting services can be obtained on request.