Recorded Onboarding Sessions through MHEDA’s Learning Management System.

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For those dealerships that want ON-DEMAND bootcamp training for new employees, RDS has partnered with MHEDA to make 5 pre-recorded bootcamp sessions available.  These sessions can be purchased individually, or as a set.  Each purchase (through the MHEDA website) guarantees the user one viewing of the selected material.  

Below is an outline of the subjects covered in each session.

Session 1- The Dealership

  • The 5 profit-center model
  • Interdepartmental strengths and challenges
  • Dealer value proposition
  • Evolution of the industry
  • Financial tools
  • Warranty basics 

Session 2 – Electric Powered Forklift Equipment 

  • Stability dynamics and ratings
  • The ITA and industry reports
  • Class 1 counterbalanced units
  • Class 2 Reach Trucks and Order Selectors
  • Class 3 low lift transporters
  • Motive Power 

Session 3 – I.C. Powered Forklift Equipment 

  • Class 4 and Class 5 I.C. Powered units
  • Class 6 tractors and Class 7 RT units
  • Importance of “right angle stack”
  • Fuels and power trains
  • Tires and steering systems 

Session 4 – Forklift Components 

  • Operator controls
  • Masts and carriages
  • Forks
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Acronyms and abbreviations

 Session 5 – Applications 

  • Hydraulic Attachments
  • Racking systems and usage
  • Dock leveling equipment
  • Dock door equipment
  • Truck restraints

Benefits of the MHEDA-RDS Sessions

  • On Demand. Webinar access can be purchased at any time, giving you the ultimate flexibility in scheduling training.
  • Multiple participants. Multiple participants can be trained at the same time, replicating the benefits for multiple employees.
  • Testing included.   Testing for each session is included in the price!  Pre-formatted testing with answer-keys are available.

AFFORDABLE!  For 2019, rates are as follows:

Individual Sessions  are priced at $99.00 


Purchase ALL 5 SESSIONS for $249.00