Onboarding Webinar – Forklift Industry Bootcamp

It always happens this way.  The day your new employee reports to work, all hell breaks loose.  As badly as you would like to have long and productive training sessions with your new recruit, real life just won’t allow for that scenario.

Most new employees (especially millennials), want to make an immediate impact on the success of your organization.  What holds them back most often is a lack of understanding of the most basic elements of our industry and organizational structure.  This knowledge gap is wider than any of us realize.  Information we regard as “second nature”, is quite frankly a puzzle to most new hires.  Industry jargon, componentry, interdepartmental issues, paper trails, and knowing the right questions to ask when interfacing with a customer are all items that many employees learned by MAKING MISTAKES.  

This session helps to connect these dots, and provide a base-plate of understanding, especially for those that are not from the material handling business.

Subjects covered include:

  • The evolution of the lift truck industry
  • The dealer/OEM relationship
  • The 5-profit center business model
  • Interdepartmental strengths and challenges
  • Customer applications and sales approach
  • Basic leasing and financing
  • Customary rental programs (Rent/Rent, Rent to Sell, RPO)
  • Customary service programs (PM/Lease with Maintenance)
  • Warranty basics
  • Basic operational characteristics
  • Ratings and stability
  • I.C. powered equipment ITA class 1-7
  • Tire types and their role in determining class
  • Fuels, Powertrains and Motive Power
  • Steering Systems
  • Basic lift truck componentry
  • Mast types and applications
  • Basic hydraulic functions
  • Hydraulic attachments
  • Racking Systems
  • Dock equipment (seals, shelters, levelers and truck restraints

There are 2 ways for dealers to access this important training. 


Option 1

For dealers that want to make this training a continuing part of their regular dealer onboarding experience for all (or most) new employees – CLICK HERE


Option 2

For dealers who want to train only selected staff on a “one – off” on-demand basis.  CLICK HERE