Onboarding Webinar – LIVE pre-scheduled one-day bootcamp sessions!


For dealers who want to expand their onboarding experience to include industry training for ALL or MOST of their employees, RDS offers continued LIVE training sessions throughout the year.  These interactive WebEx based sessions are normally held on the first and third Monday of every month.  Dealers can purchase a multiple number of sessions and have 18 months to use up the sessions until they expire. 

No limit to the number attendees in any one session!!

The one-day  2.5 hour format includes the following subjects:

  • The evolution of the lift truck industry
  • The dealer/OEM relationship
  • The 5-profit center business model
  • Interdepartmental strengths and challenges
  • Customer applications and sales approach
  • The ITA
  • Primary industry drivers
  • Dealer value proposition
  • Basic leasing and financing
  • Customary rental programs (Rent/Rent, Rent to Sell, RPO)
  • Customary service programs (PM/Lease with Maintenance)
  • Service billing and travel time
  • Warranty basics
  • Counterbalanced vs. Non Counterbalanced
  • Basic operational characteristics
  • Ratings and stability
  • I.C. powered equipment ITA class 1-5
  • Tire types and their role in determining class
  • Fuels and Power trains  
  • Steering Systems
  • Brake Systems
  • Telematics
  • Basic lift truck components
  • Mast types and applications
  • Basic hydraulic functions
  • Hydraulic attachments

For  information on session rates and details call 209-652-7511

                        2020 Live Onboarding Session Schedule

                                          January through April

             Monday January 6th – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)

             Monday January 20th – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)

             Monday February 3rd – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)

             Monday February 18th – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)

             Monday March 2nd – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)

             Monday March 16th – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)

             Monday April 6th – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)

             Monday April 20th – 8:00AM (Pacific) / 11:00AM (Eastern)