Management Accountability and Compensation Program

Maximum Accountability   NOP     Accelerated Growth    Earning Rewards


This program is designed to tie rewards for each aftermarket manager to the Net Operating Profit of the aftermarket division, and drive the following behaviors:

  1. Get parts and service managers working TOGETHER as a TEAM by linking their rewards to a mutual program
  2. Parts and service managers set their own meaningful growth goals for their departments.
  3. Parts and service managers self- initiate and sustain meaningful staff meetings.
  4. Parts and service managers hold their subordinates accountable.
  5. Safety inspections are completed and documented every month
  6. The process of parts returns and credit memo process is simplified.
  7. Overall parts turns improve and stabilize.
  8. Will call areas are well kept, marked properly, and current.
  9. Service work in progress flows through the system every week (not all at the end of the month).
  10. Managers understand the connections between NOP, free cash flow, and personal rewards.
  11. Managers are rewarded for consistent growth.

The program includes all metrics, documentation, reporting and personal consulting with ownership to craft a program that drives behaviors important to achieving the goals of the dealership.

Once the parameters of the program are selected, and confirmed, I present the new program to all managers together, and counsel with them on a one by one basis, depending on their needs.

The programs shown here are custom tailored to individual dealer organizations. Pricing for consulting services can be obtained on request.