Incentive Award Program

canstockphoto12017417The complete Incentive Award Program includes:

  • All contest documents with dealer supplied logos.(Promotion Materials)
  • All sales flyers with dealer supplied logos, priced and ready for printing and distribution.
  • Training on how to use the Incentive matrix and tracking software (using Microsoft excel)
  • Tiered point and monetary award listings
  • Campaign calendars
  • Preformatted “send home” updates and specials
  • Rules and regulations for all contests
  • Travel award consulting and advice
  • Reporting forms
  • Parts procurement and scheduling to support campaigns.
This cost includes private consulting with management and ownership prior to implementation in order to ascertain the following program parameters for inclusion:
  • Cash awards
  • Merchandise awards
  • Travel Awards
  • Length of campaigns
  • Products and services to be featured during the campaign.

Parts countermen and CSS reps can be added to the matrix if desired. Each will have differing award levels and incentive qualifications based on the goals of the management.

This program can be purchased with or without a onsite presentation. I highly recommend a live session. The additional cost is only for travel, lodging and per diem, and is well worth the investment.

The programs shown here are custom tailored to individual dealer organizations. Package pricing for consulting services can be obtained on request.

This program can also be MANAGED by RDS for an additional monthly fee. Fees are based on number of participants, and complexity of the programs.

The managed programs will include:

  • All point tracking (dealership is responsible for emailing point voucher forms to RDS.
  • Bi Weekly Leaderboard Updates (for all participants via email)
  • Monthly payroll voucher processing (if program includes cash awards)
  • Mail-Home updates (once per campaign)
  • Optional services (quoted separately)
  • Travel award arrangements
  • Travel management and administration (RDS representative will be present on the trip)