Day One Delivery Program

Business man draw forklift transportation

Delivery Day!!! 

The PDI is complete, the unit is on the transport, the customer is awaiting his delivery.  Are we ready?

The customer experience in connection with delivery of new equipment is many times not handled with the planning, execution, and customer interaction it deserves.  Consider these questions:

  • Who do we have in charge of the delivery?  Is the equipment salesperson the right person?  Who stands the most to gain if the delivery goes well?  Who stands the most to lose if it doesn’t?
  • Have we made an appointment for delivery, and invited key customer contacts?  Is delivery an “event”, or a routine?
  • Does the truck driver hand the keys to the customer, or to a dealership employee?
  • Are we prepared to make adjustments to the customer’s unit “on the spot”.  Does the person delivering the unit have that training, or do we have to call a technician?
  • Do we have a plan to personally review warranty with the customer, including maintenance requirements?  Or do we just hand him a certificate?
  • Are we prepared to offer MULTIPLE maintenance offerings?  Or do we just try to get the PM signed?
  • Is the customer presented with a pictured contact list of who to call and what to expect when the truck breaks down?
  • Are we prepared to sell accessories?

                                                                    WHY NOT?

The   complete   Day One ©  program  helps dealers design and package a COMPLETE solution for EFFECTIVE equipment deliveries. The package includes:

All support materials printed with dealer logos (provided by dealer) (all printable) including:

Equipment checklists (all 5 classes) New Guaranteed Maintenance Program
Plain english warranties New PM “Premium” Program
Extended warranty contracts Rates and resources page
Warranty acknowledgements Pictured contact lists
Initial Service Offering Pre-formatted accessory and safety flyers
ready for dealer pricing

canstockphoto1502081This program will include consultation with management staff and ownership.  A customized and branded program will be developed and published for use by all customer service  and sales representatives. The program includes an overview session, a reference binder, and personal one on one role play training to insure that all reps are comfortable with the process, and can replicate the process on their own.

The program requires a discovery meeting to ascertain current practices, and agree on inclusions, pricing, policies, and participants in the program.  The dealer must forward digital logos, and digital photos of all management, sales and administrative personnel.  All current service program documents must be forwarded for inclusion in the program,  as well as any major service, other special service packaged service offerings.

12-16 weeks after the program – Reinforcement training will be performed with each  participant to insure habitual use of the program. We also maintain 180 days of contact with service managers and ownership to insure the program becomes a standard operating procedure.

The programs shown here are custom tailored to individual dealer organizations. Packaged pricing for consulting services can be obtained on request.