Sales Skills and Territory Management Program


She is a good salesperson, but she just can’t stay organized”.

We have to follow behind him with a bucket loader”.

She burns a lot of gas for very few orders”.

He is ALWAYS in the office. Doesn’t he get that the customers are “out there”?


After 35 years in the forklift business I’ve said ALL these things



The Sales Skills and Territory Management program teaches your sales crew to:

  1. Understand the value of their time
  2. Connect with the idea of 540 minutes a day.
  3. How to PLAN every hour of every day AND leave room for emergencies.
  4. How to actually WORK target accounts so that you CONVERT them
  5. Set realistic sales goals by working the commission math “backwards”
  6. Understand the importance of making appointments
  7. Know power of the telephone and make office time “productive time”
  8. Know how to use the power of mapping, prospecting, and WARM calling
  9. Understand how to keep the pipeline FULL.
  10. Negotiate and close the order ON PURPOSE.
  11. Shift presentations from “Specs”  to “Solutions”.
  12. Learn how to sell from a position of VALUE, not PRICE.

The Full program Includes:

  • Group Training for both CSS and Machine Salesmen (separate sessions).
  • Customer CRM Templates (for use with existing or new CRM software)
  • Informed” WARM call training.
  • Weekly itinerary guides and goal achievement templates for salesmen and managers
  • Quarterly sales goal training for salesmen and managers

The programs shown here are custom tailored to individual dealer organizations. Package pricing for consulting services can be obtained on request.