It always amazes me how as business people, we all tend to organize ourselves the same way. I suppose I really shouldn’t be amazed. In any industry, there are methods and processes that are proven to be efficient. These methods become “best practices” in the industry, and the effectiveness of the process should naturally draw […]

How safe is safe?

What is the goal of your safety program?  Most dealerships, large or small have been motivated to create some sort of safety program for their employees.  Many dealers do this because they actually care about their employees and the work environment that they create.  Others may do it simply to mitigate their workman’s compensation insurance […]

Four measurable objectives

A few weeks of the new year are already behind us.  For many companies across the country, January marks more than the start of the calendar year.  It can also signify the beginning of the fiscal year.  Forecasts from last fall now show up as targets on our financial statement. All of the new initiatives, […]

Leadership is more than sowing the seed

“A good leader can’t get too far ahead of his followers” Franklin D. Roosevelt It’s been a while since I prepared an article on leadership.  I have been busy writing for Material Handling Wholesaler, and the Far West Equipment Dealers Magazine, and most of those articles are about the nuts and bolts of equipment dealership […]

Caring for your image

Challenges that affect our business consist of three basic elements. 1.     Things you have no control over 2.     Things you have limited control over 3.     Things that are completely under your control Understanding and coming to accept the items listed above takes time, patience, and a measure of courage. Some things just happen TO you: Taxes have to […]

We are Number ONE!

I have written at length this year about how to communicate with customers.  Our visual, verbal and in-person contacts with customers are the base plate on which they build their opinions and assess our value to their organization. In a personal contact, experts say it only takes 7 seconds for the other party to form an […]