Welcome to Resonant Dealer Services

Welcome to Resonant Dealer Services

The financial facts show, that since the 1990’s most dealerships have depended on their aftermarket departments to keep them profitable. KPI’s like “absorption”, “effective billing rate”, “labor utilization”, and “inventory efficiency” have played a larger and larger role in ensuring operational solvency.

Industry culture however is a difficult thing to change. Dealers remain unwilling to redeploy resources into the aftermarket segment of their business, because they either “don’t know how” or don’t believe that they can gain significant or sustainable ROI from such measures.

Resonant Dealer Services assists dealers with this necessary shift. The custom designed programs that RDS can install in any dealership, help dealers to fabricate the same type of aftermarket accountability and reporting structures they have in their sales departments.

Day One Delivery Program
Put your dealership “in position” to collect EVERY aftermarket dollar that follows the delivery of a unit.   Full details >>

Service Menu Program
The service menu program capitalizes on the relationship between your customer, and your road based technicians.  Give them the opportunity to say YES instead of NO. Full details >>

Incentive Award Program
Foster teamwork, and drive toward your goals with custom designed incentive award programs that make your dealership an “employer of choice”. Full details >>

Management Accountability and Compensation Program
The program includes all metrics, documentation, reporting and personal consulting with ownership to craft a program that drives behaviors important to achieving the goals of the dealership. Full details >>

Sales Skills and Territory Management Program
The Sales Skills and Territory Management Program teaches your sales crew the basics of value oriented selling.  Get better coverage, more profit, and better salesmen! Full details >>

Inventory Consolidation and Vendor Management Program
Build meaningful parts histories, consolidate duplicate parts, and use your true buying power with vendors.  Full details >>

Onboarding Webinar
The more your new employees can learn about the INDUSTRY, the more adept they will be at at ramping into their new role.  Invest in teaching them the fundamentals.  Before instructing them on HOW, first instruct them on WHY. Full details >>